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Beulah Fit Club

*All Ages $5.00 Fitness Equipment/Aerobic classes
Extracurricular Activites (ie: Leagues or camps) are not included in monthly, yearly, and semi-annual memberships.
family members include children 20 and under.
*All Ages $3.00 open gym/ $2.00 open gym 12 and under

Call for hours of operation

Student     20 and under
Adult         21 and over
Senior       65 and over

Fit Club

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7 DAY PASS $20.00/ For single use only *Use for any 7 days in a 2 month period
*NO REFUNDS AFTER PURCHASE OF MEMBERSHIP* *Extracurricular Activities (ie: leagues and classes) are not included in monthly, yearly, and semi-annual memberships *However Aerobics are included: Step, Kickboxing, Interval, Hi-Lo, Yoga and Pilates Instructed by Bridgette & Stacy *Family memberships includes children 20 and under

The Latest Equipment – Elliptical , Recumbant bikes, Treadmills, Hammerstrength and More! Beulah Fit Club has it all, open gym, basketball, volleyball, weight room, cardio equip, body fat testing, fitness classes, friendly staff and much more. Check us out! Get Set to Sweat at Beulah Fit Club.

Call for current fitness schedule and hours!

Sign up required for all spin classes,

*Schedule is subject to change. We are open to Schedule and Class Additions please contact us.*
Call 873-5852 with questions or to reserve a spot for spinning.

Aerobics are free with Beulah Fit Club Membership or $5.00/time

Fitness Class Descriptions

Cardio Step/Muscle Mix – Aerobic workout that uses the step to increase your intensity. You pick the level that is right for you depending on the amount of risers you add. Excellent for the heart and to burn calories as well as fat. Topped off with a strength conditioning segment and abdominal workout, this class insures a total body workout.

Spinning®/ Rip and Ride - Must call to sign up for this class. Spinning® program consists of instructor-lead classes on specialized stationary bikes. All classes will follow an all-terrain format using flats, hills, sprints, jumps and variations. Classes are 40-50 minutes in length and are geared for participants at all fitness levels.

Insanity - is a cardio class, based on max interval training. There are modifications for all fitness levels, if you do not like to jump, you don’t have to! This class will push you past your limits with athletic/plyometric drills mixed with intervals of strength, power, resistance, and core training. No equipment or weights are needed. You don’t have to be in extreme shape- levels of each exercise are provided. Time to dig deep!

Bootcamp-If you’re looking for a high intensity workout and mind a little “direction” from your instructor, Bootcamp will get your heart pumping and your muscles flexing in no time. Combining cardiovascular exercises, muscle conditioning moves, and a host of athletic drills, our Bootcamp experience will leave you strangely wanting more! Whether you're looking to burn fat and calories, increase your muscle strength, or up your endurance level, Bootcamp classes provide a comprehensive and balanced approach to total fitness - with some firm direction from your instructor.

Barre Blend-Not a dancer – no problem and leave the tights at home. This dynamic FUN class brings exercise from group fitness into mind/body experience by fusing ballet, cardio training, pilates, and yoga all into 1 class to challenge and tone the entire body. This blended genre combines the methodology of strength and control to create a class that improves body awareness, posture, balance, flexibility, stability and functional strength. After 1 class you will be fluent in Barre lingo; tuck, lift, lengthen, quiver, pulse, hold, stretch, and repeat.

Yolates – Need an amazing escape during the middle of your day? Yolates is a beautiful blend of both pilates and yoga with a kick off of 20 minutes of ab work to create 60 wonderful de-stressing minutes of non-stop fluid movement focusing on centering self, breath, strengthening and deep stretching. Yolates lengthens muscles and builds strength without excess bulk creating a sleek, toned body as well as teaches body awareness, good posture, and proper breathing as well as improves flexibility, agility, and range of motion. After class you will be ready to return to your workplace full of smiles and all relaxed. Noon class does require you to sign up at the front desk by the night prior or call 837-5852.

Cardio Kickboxing – Need a place to dump all your stress? Stop in for a 60 minute combination of aerobics, boxing, and martial arts. This total body workout can improve strength, aerobic fitness, flexibility, coordination, and balance. The American Council on Exercise (ACE) notes that during a 1 hour kickboxing workout you can burn from 500-800 calories! This class is structured to include both the beginner at a low to moderate level who doesn’t go full bag contact to the intense extremist at full throttle. This class is guaranteed to be the fastest 60 minutes of your day ~ come stretched and ready to have a ‘shiny’ kick’n good time and leave stress free!

Yoga – If you can breathe you can do yoga. Yoga allows the body to slow down, restore, and repair itself. We still the mind to improve focus and create an environment of relaxation, and we practice asanas to provide strength, balance, and flexibility to our bodies. Yoga is for all ages, female and male and you do not have to be flexible to begin. We practice with the intent of progression and not perfection. By attending classes students can participate in mind-body fitness experiences that are stimulating, inspirational, and gratifying. Above all, we focus on yoga as an experience of mindfulness which is a form of self-learning in which the body learns to change itself by turning inward and making self-observations to improve posture, emotional responses, and movement strategies. We hope you will join us on this journey of yoga; celebrating the feeling of being in the moment, adopting an attitude of conscious awareness, open acceptance, and a beautiful willingness to honor and love the body. Namaste.

Tonia Knudson - Yoga
Brandi Tolosky - Spinning
Stacy Winkler – Cardio Step/Spinning®/Boot Camp Instructor
Missy Hermann – Yoga/Spinning® Instructor
Chandra Sailer – Insanity/Silver Sneakers Instructor
Ginger Volk – Barre Blend Instructor
Amanda Ahlschlager- Boot Camp Instructor

"The Beulah Fit Club participates in the BCBSND Health Club Credit Program!"
If you are a BCBSND member you may be eligible to earn up to a $20.00 credit toward your monthly membership.

Call your employer or call BCBSND at the phone number listed on the back of your ID card.


Find Us

213 1st Ave NW Beulah, ND 58523 | Phone: 701-870-0602 Fax: 701-873-5853




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